Join me!

I wonder how many will join me today in saying this prayer..

Dear God, please bring an end to the pandemic and restore peace, calm, and health to our world!

We hate to keep dwelling on the current state of events, but more is going on than just living through a pandemic.

So much more is happening than what we can see.

What we do see are businesses that are closed temporarily or have had to shut their doors permanently. We see children learning at home on computers because of pauses of in-school learning. We see faces with masks rather than a smile. Shortened business hours and fewer working hours for those working jobs.

Even with all that we can see, we aren’t seeing all the emotional effects our current world situation is having on people. Depression, hopelessness, and suicide are impacting more homes than we may realize.

All of that being said, we can make a difference.

We may not be able to reach every hurting soul, but the more who take our message to heart, the more spirits we can lift with our expressions of love and appreciation.

More than ever, individuals need to hear that they mean something to others. God never intended for man to be an island to himself, but for many, it has become a reality they never wanted.

We can’t allow ourselves to be fooled by every smile we see.

There is something about human nature that often smiles for the outside world while we’re suffering terribly on the inside. We have a tendency to want to project an image of having our lives all put together with no struggles for us!

During a pandemic, there are few who have not been affected. We can rest assured that everyone needs a kind word.

It’s easier to think of others and have greater compassion when we put ourselves in their shoes. To make us feel validated and important can be the difference between giving in to hopelessness or accomplishing a great feat in life!

Many of us can think of times when a few simple words of appreciation changed our course for the day, the week, or even for the rest of our lives. What a beautiful gift we can pass on to someone else! And, in fact, many someone else's!

Heartfelt words can be richer than our bank accounts, yet only cost us time and sincerity.

Who can we offer the gift of a kind word to today? Who needs to be reminded that they are loved? Is it our parents? Our children? An elderly widowed neighbor with no family living close by?

Who can we video chat with to brighten their day? Who can we call with a word of encouragement?

Who would be delighted to receive a card of appreciation in their mailbox?

And who would love to know we are praying for them?

Friends, let’s not let another day go by without expressing our appreciation for others. If we are struggling too, reaching out will not only bless those we want to bless, it will lift our spirits as well.

May the Lord work some beautiful things during a time of great uncertainty. May the relationships of mankind experience a surge in love and appreciation.

In Jesus’ name!

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