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The Impact of AgapΩ

The gift of words may be one of life's most powerful tools.
A poem well told can make us laugh, weep, swell with pride, or rise with indignation.

AgapΩ – Inspiring Lives

AgapΩ is an inspirational voice on social media bringing light into the lives of many through poetry, prose, life quotes and beautiful soul stirring imagery. AgapΩ is the embodiment of upliftment and by providing a central resource that hosts other lightworkers, authors and motivators is becoming the "go to" resource for everyone in need of inspiration. Sometimes just reading an amazing quote can change your whole life, becoming a mantra to help you overcome challenges or a motto that inspires and motivates others.
"Words are seeds
that do more than blow around.
They land in our hearts and not the
ground. Be careful what you plant and
careful what you say. You might have
to eat what you planted one day."


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