Take A Closer Look And See Your Life On Your Palm

Reading from the palm has its roots back to the distant past. It does not matter whether or not you believe in what the palm says, palm reading is above all, part of the fun and entertainment that our ancestors worshiped.
Take A Closer Look And See Your Life On Your Palm
Your hand has three main lines. Love is at the top of the palm, the head line in the middle of the palm, and the life line is at the bottom of the palm. As you progress through life, the lines change with your personality, attitudes and experiences.
So, life is what determines the appearance of the palm, and palm is not what determines your life. For example, a traumatic experience can create a small stop in the head line. Palm Reading is not a prediction. You cannot tell what will happen, but it will remind you of something that has already happened.
Line of love
Your love line refers to all the emotions and situations that are associated with love. It is located above the line of the head and life, right underneath your fingers.
If the line begins just below the index finger, then you satisfied with your love life.
If it begins below the middle finger it points to selfishness and materialism when it comes to love.
If the line is straight and short, you have a high sex drive and are not overly romantic.
If the line starts immediately between the index finger and middle finger, it means that you give your heart too easily.

If the line moves down it means that you have a broken heart.
If the line is long and winding, it means that you easily express emotions.
The line that is parallel to the line of the head reveals a person who copes well with their emotions.
If your line is wavy, you are a good lover, but you lack serious relationship.
The circle on the line refers to a period of depression in your life.
Fine lines that extend beyond the line of love are a sign of happiness in love, and the lines that extend below the line of love are a sign of disappointment.
The head line
This line does not show how smart you are, but your way of thinking. She points to your beliefs, morals and general attitude towards life. The line of the head starts immediately above the line of life.
A short line of the head reveals that you want to work with the aim of physical achievements, not mental.
Curved or down line indicates creativity.
If the head line and life are completely separate, it means that you enjoy the adventures and have great enthusiasm for life.
The wavy line indicates that you cannot retain attention for a long time.
If you have a deep line that runs horizontally across the palm, it means that you are focused and have clear thinking.
If you have a circle or cross on the head line, you’ve been through an emotional crisis.
Interrupted head line means that you are inconsistent in the way of thinking that you might have had breakdowns.
Lines that cross the line head mark important decisions in your life.
It begins at the edge of the palm, between the index finger and thumb. It extends to the bottom of the palm. It is located below the line of the heart and head, and explains the quality of your life.

The line that passes close to the thumb shows that you are often tired.
If the line is winding, it means that you have a lot of energy.
The long and deep lines mean you’ll have a long, healthy and vital life.
If the line is short and shallow it means that someone else controls your life.
If the line is straight and is close to the edge of the palm, you are careful when it comes to relationships.
If you have two or three lines on the palm of life, it means that you are positive and vital.
If the line goes in a semicircle, you have incredible power and enthusiasm.
The circle on the line means that you were in the hospital or injured.
Reading from the palm can be extremely fun pastime with friends.

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