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Take A Closer Look And See Your Life On Your Palm

Reading from the palm has its roots back to the distant past. It does not matter whether or not you believe in what the palm says, palm reading is above all, part of the fun and entertainment that our ancestors worshiped.
Your hand has three main lines. Love is at the top of the palm, the head line in the middle of the palm, and the life line is at the bottom of the palm. As you progress through life, the lines change with your personality, attitudes and experiences. So, life is what determines the appearance of the palm, and palm is not what determines your life. For example, a traumatic experience can create a small stop in the head line. Palm Reading is not a prediction. You cannot tell what will happen, but it will remind you of something that has already happened. Line of love Your love line refers to all the emotions and situations that are associated with love. It is located above the line of the head and life, right underneath your fingers. If the line begins just below the ind…

See How Your Fingers Length Reveals Your Personality!

Are you familiar with the fact that you can reveal something about your personality by the length of your fingers? By comparing the length of the ring finger and index finger you can see correlations with specific personality traits.
Check out the image for three types of finger lengths, marked as A, B and C. Compare with your own fingers and keep reading to discover the meaning.
A) It has been said that people with a longer ring finger than the index finger are very attractive. They are charming and others perceive this quality in them.  In addition, they are more decisive, aggressive and do not hesitate to take risks. The profession they usually have is: chess player, soldier, engineer and they are also successful in solving crosswords. Scientists have discovered that people with longer ring fingers earn more than people who have shorter ring fingers.
B)People with shorter ring fingers than the index fingers are often full of themselves, arrogant and have a great deal of self-confide…